Remote Sensing Seminar

Mishigami Group and Michigan State University Extension co-sponsored a remote sensing seminar on March 28th and 29th. This seminar gave farmers and others within the ag industry a better understanding of what aerial imagery (NDVI, Thermal etc.) can/cannot do to identify stress in crops.

The main speaker was Dr. Kevin Price from AgPixel. Dr. Price was one of the scientists working on NASA’s first LandSat satellite, launched in the summer of 1972 and has been extensively involved in remote sensing ever since.

Dr. Kevin Price grew up working on a farm/ranch in the very rural area of the state of Utah, USA. He was a professor for 27 years and adviser to over 80 Ph.D. and Master’s students. He retired from Kansas State University in March of 2014, but continues to hold the title of Professor Emeritus in Agronomy at KSU and has a Collaborator Appointment in Agronomy at Iowa State University. In March of 2014 he became the Executive Vice President of AgPixel working out of Des Moines, Iowa. He is an author of over 150 publications (refereed and conference proceedings) and served as adviser on drone applications in agriculture to the US National Research Council. He has conducted research in 14 countries and is among the pioneers in the application of drone remote sensing technologies in agriculture. He is cited in over 50 news articles and has spoken to over 15,000 conference attendees in the past two years on the topic.

Mishigami continues to support and develop training for the ag industry on leveraging remote sensing to increase crop yield, predict crop yield, identify invasive species, and identifying the health of plants. For more information contact Ray David at

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