Business Leadership Simulations – Assessing Leadership

Mishigami Group has taken learning about leadership in a corporate setting to the next level.

On October 29, 2016 Mishigami Group formed a partnership with ScrimmageSIM, LLC, a leading business simulation leveraged by many MBA programs throughout the Midwest, to launch Leadership in Action. Leadership in Action is a 4, 8, or 12 hour business simulation leadership assessment course that leverages military trained mentors to help assess and improve your organization’s leadership.

The program is a multi-faceted, scalable business simulation which includes purchasing, pricing, marketing, forecasting, and a host of other options. Through the simulation, participants learn about leadership and teamwork and take away tangible products and processes to improve their organizations and themselves. The seminar and simulation are facilitated by highly qualified retired and active military officers with years of leadership experience in both the military and business sectors.

The outcomes include enhancing your team’s:

  • Planning
  • Leadership
  • Change management skills
  • Knowledge management SOPs

| 4 HOUR |
We coach the fundamentals of
the After Action Review utilizing
ScrimmageSIM and provide a gap
analysis of your team’s leadership
and decision making processes
| 8 HOUR |
We work with your leadership
team on planning, decision
making, and After Action Reviews
| 12 HOUR |
This is our premier course where
your team will receive leadership
assessments, change management,
and knowledge management
techniques that will help improve
your overall organization

Learn more contact: Dr. Decker Hains, PMP, PE

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