Operation Flying Orange Unicorn

Mishigami Group Helps With World’s First Successful Frozen Yogurt Drone Delivery

Holland, MI Oct 5, 2016 – Mishigami Group in coordination with Orange Leaf Franchise, a self serve snack franchise, successfully delivered frozen yogurt to Hope College in Holland, MI – marking the first time in the world that a drone was used to deliver frozen yogurt.

The pilot program ran by Mishigami Group’s expert drone pilots and engineers, titled Project Flying Orange Unicorn, was received by Hope College students to much excitement. Jeremy Latchaw, President of Mishigami Group, and owner of Orange Leaf Holland combined businesses to develop the unmanned aerial concept. Expert pilot and engineer Matt Rybar, Principal at Mishigami Group, led the development team.

“Creating a program like this is the future of restaurant delivery” stated Matt after his successful delivery. “We see the use for drones as a way to deliver all sorts of items, including frozen yogurt for parties like we did today”.  The program, operating within FAA guidelines, works to place Orange Leaf and Mishigami Group at the front end of technology within the restaurant space.

Mishigami Group continues to be on the front edge of the unmanned aerial systems industry with its engineering and integration backgrounds. Mishigami Group will continue to refine Project Flying Orange Unicorn creating safer protocols and systems.



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