Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Mishigami has the area’s best experts in leadership and team building. We have decades of military experience teaching leadership and teamwork to ROTC, West Point, and the Army’s Command and General Staff College. With us you wont get a simple course, we will stress your team and leadership in order to evaluate critical thinking and problem solving. We will find gaps, make recommendations to improve, and give actionable plans to achieve your goals. This is what we have done for junior and senior military leaders, we will do it for you too.

Training Design and Evaluation

Mishigami Group has experience in creating and designing courses for top area universities, are Kirkpatrick Four Level Evaluation certified, and have years of experience in Fortune 100 training design consulting. By utilizing us, we will help design the training that fits your organization’s needs, whether it’s team building, leadership development, CEUs, ethics training, or other HR courses, we have the expertise and knowledge.

Strategic Planning

Mishigami Group has decades of high level military planning and business experience. We have taken the best of the military’s planning process, merged it with our extensive business background, and developed the Mishigami Strategic Planning Process (MSPP) to help our clients define the hardest problems, then solve them.

With decades of military leadership experience as well as teaching leadership for ROTC, West Point, the Command and General Staff College, and a Michigan university, Mishigami Group has what it takes to help with your leadership development. We know that it is not always about a classroom, leadership development is through experience, and we are the ones that know how to get you that experience and assess it so you have the tools needed to continually get better.

  • Mishigami Leadership Assessment Tool (MLAT)
  • Field Leaders’ Reaction Course (FLRC) lanes
  • Leadership Philosophy design and coaching

Mishigami has experienced PMI certified Project Management Professionals. We can help develop project schedules, determine needs, or teach your staff the basics of project management.

  • Project Management Consulting
  • Teach PMP CEUs and PMBOK (R) concepts

Mishigami’s Strategic Planning Process (MSPP) was created after decades of experience as strategic planning for the military and teaching the Army’s Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) at the Command and General Staff College. This planning process will help you analyze and see your environment, create business intelligence, become aware of the real problems, create leader intent and vision, then actionable plans with lines of effort.

  • Mishigami Strategic Planning Process (MSPP)
  • Business Environment Analysis
  • Defining the Problem
  • Leadership Intent and Vision
  • Actionable Plan

At Mishigami we leverage our background in training design and leadership development to create the most interactive team development scenarios designed to meet your needs. We look for, and use, the best simulations that will allow you to analyze your team’s critical thinking and problem solving capabilities.

  • Build to client’s needs
  • In house training designers
  • In house University level instructors
  • In house training evaluators
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