Leadership Training

Ulysses US Grant Equestrian Statue Civil War Memorial Capitol Hill Washington DC.  Created by Henry Shrady and dedicated in 1922.  Second largest equestrian statue in the US.  Grant is riding Cincinnati, his famous horse.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power" - Abe Lincoln

Leadership is the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.

Mishigami believes in the art of leadership and has developed curriculum through years of experience leading, teaching, and coaching. The Leadership Programs we created will help you and your teams:

  • Know Yourself
  • Manage Your Emotions
  • Develop Social Awareness
  • Design Individual Develop Plans
  • Design a Leadership Philosophy
  • Lead Through Practical Experiences


Leadership Courses

This course will teach the importance of developing short, mid-term, and long-term personal goals. It takes into account leadership observations done by Mishigami’s trained leadership assessors that have years of experience assessing leadership with ROTC, West Point, and in the military. From there you will design your own development plan that will include:

  • Your 5-10 years long-term “endstate”
  • Your 2-5 year goals for self, spouse, children, parents and how you will focus on them
  • Near term developmental objectives (0-2 years)


It’s well known that power causes many people to abuse people. Often you hear about the “manager” is this beast who utilizes power over people to achieve their self-interest. We believe there is a lot of emotional intelligence needed to maintain an ethical stand as well as control oneself when in a position of power.

This course of instruction breaks down the types of power one can have, and in some cases, types that one should have in order to be an effective leader. From there you will get a firm understanding on how to leverage that power at different times to motivate and lead.

Mishigami Group formed a partnership with ScrimmageSIM, LLC, a leading business simulation leveraged by many MBA programs throughout the Midwest, to launch Leadership in Action. Leadership in Action is a 4, 8, or 12 hour business simulation leadership assessment course that leverages military trained mentors to help assess and improve your organization’s leadership.

The program is a multi-faceted, scalable business simulation which includes purchasing, pricing, marketing, forecasting, and a host of other options. Through the simulation, participants learn about leadership and teamwork and take away tangible products and processes to improve their organizations and themselves. The seminar and simulation are facilitated by highly qualified retired and active military officers with years of leadership experience in both the military and business sectors.

The outcomes include enhancing your team’s:

  • Planning
  • Leadership
  • Change management skills
  • Knowledge management SOPs

Mishigami leverages its college level professors of Ethics to teach your organization and leaders about why an ethical culture is important and how to go about developing ethical and compliance programs. You will:

  • Develop your personal values assessment
  • Identify diversity and the importance of it
  • Understand the reasons why ethics is a “gray area”
  • Create your personal ethical decision making process
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