Lets Talk Chatbot and How Mishigami Can Help

What’s a ChatBot

Facebook rolling out Messenger’s ChatBot

Wondering what the newest tech is for communication between your business and your customers? It’s called “chatbot”, which came to be in 2011 but is just now picking up steam as the artificial intelligence and messaging platform your company can use for support services. A chatbot is hosted within a messaging application that integrates artificial intelligence to converse with your customers.

For instance, Mishigami Group’s chatbot named “Feltman” is hosted on Mishigami’s FaceBook page and is geared to support Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilots and public safety officials in ensuring UAV operations are within FAA regulations. Feltman is designed to guide individuals on FaceBook Messenger through regulations and calling the FAA all on one platform. 


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Mishigami Group Small Business Chatbot Service

An example of a chatbot ordering system

Mishigami Group has set up a small business chatbot development service where even the smallest businesses can create a chatbot on Facebook, Slack, or Skype. Mishigami will help plan, develop, and integrate a chatbot into one of the three main messaging platforms listed above. Restaurants like Burger King have started using it to give store hours, marketing, and even ordering burgers. Other businesses are using it to answer frequently asked questions or just to have customers talk with their brand in a fun and new way. With this new technology your customers can weave their way through your brand right on their phone with no need for another branded app clogging up their phone’s data.

How it Works

  1. Mishigami has a one on one discussion with your brand experts and service experts to determine the need and concept.
  2. Mishigami develops a beta for your chatbot and shares it with your team to test
  3. The Artificial Intelligence is increased/changed based on feedback from your team and customers
  4. Your chatbot goes live on your messaging platform

To find out more about this revolutionary product and what it can do to push customer interaction email info@mishigamigroup.com

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