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Capability Statement

With years of background as military professionals and business owners, we design answers for every mission. From training evaluations, training design, to complex solution integration. We can provide disaster planning with risk mitigation that helps you plan for the unexpected. Our drone support and remote sensor solutions help corporate, agricultural, and governmental decision makers see their environment then make better decisions. Our U.S. Army trained unmanned system operators along with our civil and environmental engineers can collect the data needed to make strong resolutions. We help public safety professionals acquire the skills needed through the development of collective training and state of the art systems that help keep our nation safe.

Fire Department UAS / Drone COA

Mishigami helps departments develop their UAS program from getting the proper paperwork to the FAA to training pilots and even working with public relations to ensure public support of the program

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Unmanned Systems Products

Mishigami Group is a certified DJI Drone Dealership working within industry to develop programs, conduct maintenance, and supply parts.

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Unmanned Systems Services

We have academically and military trained drone operators and sensing consultants that leverage state of the art techniques to gather the data for leaders…

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Chemistry and Environmental Lab

For thirty six years the principals at Mishigami have been actively engaged in not just being mindful of the environment but being actively involved in both the stewardship and cleaning of our environment.

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Training Consulting

We work to create practical training experiences using military training design techniques that adds another layer…

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Drones Consulting Services

We have academically and military trained drone operators and sensing consultants that leverage state of the art techniques to gather the data for leaders…

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Disaster Planning

It’s vital to have a comprehensive disaster plan and rehearse that plan prior to any events occurring. We bring extensive experience in planning for disasters…

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Strategic Planning

We work with our clients and do a deep analysis of their business. We help prepare possible outcomes to different decisions using our expertise in planning to guide your team to even higher heights.

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Internet of Things

We help smart homes, businesses, and cities become state of the art by helping find the right data gathering techniques & IT solutions…

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Public Safety Consulting

Systems once only leveraged by the DoD are now available to public safety organizations to defend the United States against terror, active shooters, and other criminals. We have the expertise to bring these systems…

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We bring

proven leadership and techniques to help your organization excel

We develop

rapid solutions to the most complex business challenges using state of the art data gathering techniques

We offer

a solution that can be actioned on with just outlined assistance

541611  Administrative & General MGMT Consulting Services
 541690  Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
541720 Research and Development in Social Sciences and Humanities
 921190  Other General Government Support
 R406  Support – Policy Review / Development
 R408  Support – Program MGMT / Support
 R410  Support – Program Eval. / Review / Development
 R423  Support – Intelligence
 R429  Support – Emergency Response, Disaster Planning & Preparedness Support
 B538  Special Studies / Analysis – Intelligence
 D305  Teleprocessing, Timeshare & Cloud Computing
 AA31  Agriculture: Basic Research
 AA32  Agriculture: Applied research / exploratory development
 AA33  Agriculture: Advanced Development
 AA34  Agriculture: Production – Engineering Development
 AA35  Agriculture: Production – OP Systems Development
 AA36  Agriculture: Production – Management / Support
 AA37  Agriculture: Production – Commercialized
 AA21  Agriculture: Marketing – Basic Research
 AA22  Agriculture: Marketing – Applied Research
 AA23  Agriculture: Marketing
F110 Environmental Systems Protection Development of Environmental Impact Statements & Assessments, Technical Analysis & Environmental Audits
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