UAS Public Safety Integrator

At MGI the focus is on the entire system and is not limited to UAV technology. We start by assessing the department’s needs and helping to link up all aspects of the UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) program.

We provide a variety of turnkey solutions including the following services:
• Help Identify Needs
• Identify Operator Needs
• Identify Maintenance Needs
• Create Budget
• Identify Funding Stream
• Acquire Technology
• Train Operators on Technology
• Train Maintainers
• Train Best Practices
• Integrate into Operations
• Incorporate a Public Relations Concept


Under the new part 107, a person can become a certified remote pilot by taking a 60 question remote pilot in command test administered by the FAA. Our test preparation course covers all UAS operations to ensure success on the FAA examination. The course walks you through each aspect of the UAV flight, from preflight inspections to post flight maintenance. This course is available online or in person, in conjunction with our strategic partners.

We have researched and continue to develop best practices that your department can integrate into your collective operations. By utilizing our consultants you will be able to integrate from the pilot throughout the chain of command.

Training helps provide the largest return on investment. MGI offers four courses designed to train entire departments on Unmanned Aircraft Systems and the problems they may encounter with hobbyist UAV pilots.
1. How do we legally develop a UAS program?
2. How do we protect against them?
We will discuss some of the basic needs for a department to start their own program, as well as discuss what a department can do to enforce the FAA laws pertaining to drone operations.

With the opening of (Class G) airspace in the Fall of 2016, to all hobbyists and recreational pilots as well the exponential growth seen in the sUAS industry over the last 5 years, it is important to educate all pilots about the expectations of all UAV pilots. Hobbyists and those flying UAVs recreationally will not be required under part 107 to obtain a remote pilot certification. This 6-hour class provides an indepth over-view of the most important safety practices and legalities, with regards to UAV operation.

Classes are offered online and throughout the State of Michigan by local instructors.


Douglas, MI Tornado

We can augment your team during disasters by creating:

  • Damage Assessments
  • 3D Images that give accurate measurements
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Aerial live feeds

We can help your department by taking aerial images. Our expertise include:

  • 3D modeling for fire burn outs
  • Aerial images for crime scene investigations

Modern police departments are facing numerous challenges, from budget cuts to increasingly sophisticated criminals. Tactical situations have risen in complexity, along with public expectations to maintain safety for all citizens. Modern police forces must remain nimble and responsive in the highly dynamic situations they face. Small UAVs that fit in any police vehicle give law enforcement teams broad situational awareness, allowing them to formulate an appropriate response in challenging environments. Threat detection is fundamental to saving the lives of officers and protecting civilians.

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