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Technology Integration

As the region’s experts in integrating the newest technologies into science and engineering solutions, Mishigami strives to help clients save time and money through gathering the data needed to make better decisions. Technology is growing in its uses, we will help you determine the best systems in existence today and then help integrate them into your current systems.

Talented Engineers and Scientists

Mishigami Group takes pride in the fact that they have the most diverse and talented engineers and scientists working to integrate the latest technologies and systems into a client’s operation.  Our expertise includes:

Mishigami’s environmental team are experts in integrating chemistry, land management and Hazmat remediation technology into operations. Current expertise includes:

  • Environmental Lab
  • Conservatory
  • Land Management
  • Hazmat Remediation

Mishigami’s civil engineers are practitioners and teachers. The team understands today’s needs in integrating modern information into GIS. Expertise includes:

  • Water Resources
  • Surveying and GIS (using UAS)
  • Bridge Inspections (using UAS)

Mishigami’s electrical engineers are experts in control systems and can help install, implement, or repair systems.

  • Mishigami Automation

Mishigami helps integrate and operate unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into public safety, governmental, and private organizations. It also owns and operates a DJI Industrial Dealership.

  • Mishigami UAS Products
  • Mishigami UAS Services


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