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Things aren’t just changing on the ground.  The old saying, “the sky’s the limit” is more true today than ever.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are quickly filling the sky and performing truly impressive tasks.  UAVs can deliver much needed medicine to remote towns and villages throughout the world.  Farmers can take aerial images that, when analyzed, assist in increasing yield, maximizing the use of precious natural resources.  Public safety professionals use them to have an instant “eye in the sky” when investigating a crime, responding to an emergency or performing search and rescue operations.  Sometimes, however; the costs for the needed capabilities can be higher than this currently budgeted. That’s where drone financing comes in, creating lease options to have low monthly payments spread out over a few years, instead of the one lump sum.

As with most new technologies, the price of adoption for many is a high hurdle.  DFU works with eligible borrowers to get them in the sky by offering affordable lease and purchase financing packages.  Packages can be custom designed to meet client needs with low down payments and reasonable terms.

We can help lease any sUAS from DJI products to UAV Factory’s



  • Up to 60 month lease
  • Ownership at end of lease
  • Quick determination

How to Apply

  • Fill out the form on this page
  • Our lending personnel will get back to you within three days
  • Fill out leasing forms and credit check authorization
  • You will be notified on terms and conditions

Drone Finance Unlimited, LLC is a partnership between Mishigami Group, INC and Wirt Rivette Group. Wirt Rivette is a leading equipment leasing company with decades of experience in helping business owners. Their expertise is leveraged to bring a leasing option to businesses and public entities to help start or grow their sUAS fleets.


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