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Unmanned Vehicles and Imagery
Shenzhen, China
Mishigami is a dealer for DJI industrial products. We believe in DJI's vision of pushing visionaries to go beyond the limits of what is thought possible, inspiring them to inspire the world.


Geospatial Remote Sensing Experts
Iowa & Colorado
AgPixel is the leading experts in using remote sensing for environmental engineering, including agronomy, forestry, and geospatial data. Mishigami is a dealer for AgPixel, bringing their enormous experience from agronomy and remote sensing to support client needs.

Grand Rapids Michigan Fire Department

Fire Department
Grand Rapids, MI
The Grand Rapids Fire Department is a state-of-the-art fire department in the second largest city in Michigan. Mishigami and the GRFD are working together on a beta test working to integrate sUAS into Public Safety.

Wirt-Rivette Group

Equipment Financing
Saginaw, MI
100% financing and tax deductible lease payments are a great way for any size company to acquire everything from office equipment to medical and industrial machinery. Mishigami Group works with Wirt-Rivette Group to bring clients affordable options to purchasing high tech equipment


Business Simulations
Kalamazoo, MI
ScrimmageSIM can be configured to represent a wide range of business environments with varying degrees of complexity. Unlike other business simulations, there is also flexibility in how it operates. Users can single-step through time or have time progress automatically. They can participate as individuals or in teams. And they can run the simulation scenarios multiple times to try different management approaches because PRACTICE IS GOOD.
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