company history

Mishigami Group has a long history of engineering and strategy consulting with private and governmental agencies through its talented partners and consultants.  In 2016 the founding partners combined their expertise in order to create a group of thought leaders in strategic planning for municipal and business infrastructure, environmental impact, water conservation, leadership development, and training.  Our consultants are knowledge leaders within their industry.

  • 2015

    starting an engineering strategy consulting firm

    With talent comes a vision. In 2015 each of our partners looked at each other and thought, if we combine forces our knowledge and diversity would impact the world. This lead us to begin developing a concept that would help combat the detrition of the United State's infrastructure, improve the environment, and protect our society against terrorism.

  • 2016

    company is formed

    In early 2016 the partners set a path to success bringing in top talent and expanding our capabilities into leader development, human capital strategies, and strategic planning.

  • 2016

    Partnership with AgPixel

    In June 2016 Mishigami went into partnership with AgPixel, the leader in ag business geospacial and remote sensing analysis. This partnership strengthened Mishigami's ability to bring even greater expertise to its clients.

  • 2016

    Creation of Drone Finance Unlimited

    Mishigami partnership with Wirt-Rivette Group to create Drone Finance Unlimited, LLC a financing company design to help industry and public organizations to have access to capital in order to acquire UAS programs.

  • 2016

    DJI Dealership

    July 2016 Mishigami entered into a dealership agreement with DJI, the leader in unmanned aerial vehicles, giving the Group the ability to enhance its UAS offerings.

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