Unmanned Aircraft System UAS Delivery is in the near future

Amazon Does It – December 7, 2016

Those of us in the industry already knew that this was coming soon, just how soon was the question.  Here in the United States the Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but in Britain, there are different rules and regulations when it comes to “drone delivery”.

Well – Amazon did it, they delivered their first package to a customer’s yard using an autonomous drone. But it wasn’t in the United States it was in England. This is called “Amazon Prime Air”, a program which the company claims can deliver a package to a customer within 30 minutes using UAS platforms.

Amazon’s First Delivery Footage

We’ve been saying it is just a matter of time until the FAA figures out the airspace conflicts. The sUAS already have the capabilities to go autonomous to GPS registered points within GPS registered routes. Our DJI manufacturer just came out with their new App that allows you to plan these routes my just moving your finger around an iPad.

Deliveries of the Future

When Mishigami delivered the World’s First Frozen Yogurt Delivery we knew that the future of packaging and delivery would be upon an autonomous unmanned aircraft. Visualize it, the USPS has a capability to deliver your mail from the post office to your mailbox landing pad, where the UAS flies in on a daily basis, opens the mailbox landing pad, drops your mail, then takes off.  The UAS we used for the yogurt delivery can carry up to 25lbs safely. Mail is just the beginning of what could be delivered. This technology is already here, and it just keeps getting better. How much longer will we all wait until everything is delivered to our front doors via the air?

Mishigami Group’s Involvement

Mishigami Group is Michigan’s premiere sUAS company working with industry to develop the capabilities like “drone delivery”. We are working with companies like Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and other firms to develop their fleets and prep for the future. It’s our goal to find the technology that can be integrated into current systems, but are game changing. We are quickly being known for helping develop sUAS programs for public safety and large governmental departments. The future is here. Sign up below to get our newsletter to stay up to date on how Michigan is on the cutting edge of the sUAS industry.


Mishigami Group and Orange Leaf fly world’s first frozen yogurt delivery


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